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Lori Mitchell RAc

For as long as I can remember, health and helping others has always been a part of my life. I
started my journey as a holistic health practitioner. I was able to learn a wide variety of natural
therapies. From there I furthered my studies in both nutrition and various forms of body work,
such as massage. Shortly thereafter I offered massage at a beautiful spa. Here I combined the
many different styles of massage I had learned to create something unique that would benefit
my clients the most.

An injury to one of my hands put body work on the back burner. It was then that I focused my
attention on rehabilitation, fitness and movement. I opened multiple women's wellness
centres. Here I had the wonderful opportunity to use all I had learned and help transform
thousands of lives. As much as I loved what I was doing I felt there was something missing and
more for me to do yet.

It was when I ran into difficulty trying to conceive my last child that I found Acupuncture. After
going through treatments I knew this was something I wanted to do. (This surprised many
people, since I did not care for needles -- but acupuncture needles are very different and didn't
bother me at all.)


I went on to study acupuncture at The Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since
graduating I have furthered my knowledge in Sports Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Joint
Mobilization, Wet Cupping, Various styles of acupuncture and TCM Ophthalmology.

In the summer of 2018 it was a pleasure to open an Acupuncture and Wellness clinic here in
Lindsay. In 2020 COVID-19 hit and I had to close my wonderful clinic. COVID-19 brings with it a lot of unknowns and uncertainties.  I love what I do, being able to help others is a wonderful feeling and I wanted to continue, so I decided to start On The Go Acu and help people in their homes.

In the Kawartha Lakes, Port Perry and Uxbridge area I am the only one to offer onsite services, and to offer TCM ophthalmology I am also the only registered female acupuncturist in Kawartha Lakes and Port Perry. ​


In March 2021 we opened a new clinic in Lindsay, Ont. to assist those who are more comfortable in a clinic environment.

Lastly, I am lucky to be a part of Therapeutic Paws of Canada. I am one of the team leaders for the area. We are in the process of building a team of wonderful therapeutic pets to help those that need it. You may have seen me out with my handsome and lovable Great Dane, Barkley.

To all those who have come to me for help, thank you. It has been a pleasure. For everyone else, I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your health journey. I believe everyone should be able to live a full, happy, healthy and pain-free life.

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